Nadine Chicoine



Photography is an art form that gives us a wonderful snapshot of a moment in time.  It is a precise picture of history.  As a photographer Nadine Bardin Chicoine gives us a view of the world as a place of beauty.  She captures many of the soft, small moments that often elude us in our busy society.  Pictures of wildlife or rural scenes often catch her eye and she captures their essence for others to enjoy.

Nadine lives with her husband on a small farm overlooking the water in rural St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  Having grown up on a farm in the beautiful and scenic Hudson River Valley of New York State, Nadine often combines her eye for scenery with her love of nature’s birds and animals to give us many of her pictorial essays. These essays are little gems of quiet beauty her camera records for us.  She provides us an elegant visual representation and evokes a quiet solitude to enhance our well being.

Her background as a magazine editor and a published author, as well as teaching at the college level, give her a varied perspective on the world and how she presents it to us.  Having lived and traveled throughout the United States and Europe, Nadine also has a place in her art that shows the beauty travel can bring. Also, her fondness for architectural form is a wonderful counter-balance to her pictorial essays on nature.

To learn more about Nadine and her work, visit Nadine Chicoine.

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