Jim Doussard


Jim Doussard grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Washington, DC to pursue a career in Graphic Design in the 1980s. Jim graduated from Tulane University with a Master’s Degree in Architecture. He is the Director of Graphics in a Washington, DC architecture firm where he has gained local and global expertise developing graphics for clients including The Architect of the Capitol, The Smithsonian Institution, the State Department and the United States Olympic Committee.
Jim has worked to take his passion for art and design excellence beyond the corporate arena into a more personal expression. A resident of St. Mary’s County since 1996, Jim is influenced by the sights and sounds of his St. George Island home and is led by his passion for art and antiques. He is currently producing a portfolio of whimsical art clocks – Curious Chronometers.
Jim’s fantastic, one of a kind clocks are crafted by hand combining “found” antique objects and parts with modern clock movements. While each clock’s primary function is to tell time, a fictional story revealing how the parts and pieces came together is included and brings the work to life. The amassment and display of found objects for their aesthetic qualities dates back to the 16th century, when the collections of individual enthusiasts were displayed in private “cabinets of curiosities.” In the 1900s artists began to incorporate found objects into sculptural works as an artistic gesture. The term “found object” is a literal translation from the French objet trouvé, meaning objects or products with non-art functions that are placed into an art context and made part of an artwork. Jim brings this tradition alive, providing today’s collector with an individual cabinet of curiosities to mark the passage of time and enjoy the reclamation of lost treasures.
Each piece is unique and the number in its title reflects the month and day it was finished and began ticking. Jim’s vision is to provide timepieces for the home that not only tell the hour of the day but also add character, beauty, wit and charm.
In addition to clock making, Jim also works in the mediums of acrylic painting and laser cut silhouette compositions on antique papers. His silhouettes are represented at Keepin’ It Local in Morganza and he is a regular at Sotterley WineFest where he displays his clocks, paintings and silhouettes. Jim’s work has been featured in “Southern Maryland This Is Living” magazine. His home and studio –large cabinets of curiosities in and of themselves– have been featured in design publications.

To learn more about Jim, visit his website at Moon River Studio

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