David Zippi


David Zippi

In 1977 he began his 33 year career as a high school art teacher.   In 1978 he moved to Charles County where he taught art classes at McDonough High School for 32 years and was the painting instructor and Art Dept. Chair for over two decades.   David was recognized by the Maryland Art Education Association for “Outstanding Service” in the field of Art Education.  He also holds a Masters Degree in Education from George Washington University, Washington,  D.C.

David has taken painting courses at “The Art League” in Alexandria, Va. since 1990 to improve upon both his painting and teaching skills.  He still remains a student  at “The Art League”.

An Acrylic Painter, the vast majority of David’s works are landscapes because of his love of the tranquil effect that a beautiful or captivating outdoor scene often has upon us.  Many of his landscape paintings are from scenes located in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and the New England states.

To see more of his work, visit http://www.davidzippi.com/


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