Ruth Collins



Ruth has been dedicated to art since her earliest school days in Towson, MD. When it was time to go to college, she fell in love with the beautiful campus and surroundings of St. Mary’s College of MD, from where she graduated with a B.A. degree in art. After leaving St. Mary’s County for several years in the ‘80s and ‘90s, she returned to the area and has settled there.

Her subjects are actual, commonplace situations or people that catch her eye, little moments in modern life that tell a story. She paints in a realist style, with great attention given to composition and atmosphere. Her most recent works are in acrylic or oil, but she also has a collection of watercolors. She works from her own photos, and always has the camera with her because subjects can pop up at any time!

She also paints portraits. Visit to view a more complete collection of her work. Giclee prints are available of most of the pieces, and commissions are welcome.

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