Parran Collery


Artistic expression has been a definitive element of Parran Collery’s life for as long as she can recall. Encouraged by her mother, also an artist, she started keeping a sketchbook at an early age, working on drawings and paintings. In her second year as a student at the University of Vermont, Parran happened upon a ceramics class firing a Raku kiln behind the art building, and she was hooked. From that moment on she focused on art, graduating in 1989 with a double major in psychology and art. Parran went on to obtain a Master of Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University. While experimenting with various mediums, Parran was offered a position at a tile making studio, and began learning traditional clay forming techniques to translate her ideas in to low relief sculpted tiles. Working in this format, she found a dynamic and accessible way to express her artistic ideas. In 1997 Parran began working full time on her own designs, relocating her studio, Eartha Handmade Tile, to her home town in Southern Maryland. Inspired by nature, the cosmos, and the beauty of everyday objects, she creates tiles and mosaics which combine sophisticated whimsy and exquisite design. Her work is exhibited in galleries across the US, and is installed in many private residences. Her artistic resource a constantly expanding vision of the natural world, Parran’s work reflects the spirit of the words of environmentalist Rachel Carson: “Drink in the beauty and wonder at the meaning of everything you see.”

To learn more, visit her website at Parran Collery.


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