Liz Printz



I have been creating jewelry since childhood. I’m fortunate to have been raised in West Africa where I spent much of my time exploring the markets and souks of exotic places like Marrakesh, Dakar, Niamey, and Kinshasa. I’ve collected beads and artifacts, amazing art and textiles, and feel privileged to have been inspired and instructed by native artisans in the countries in which I’ve lived. I hope their influence is evident in my work. I love to create original wearable art jewelry that incorporates self made components, locally found and indigenous or unusual objects. I strive to design original jewelry that’s not only interesting, but also beautiful and ultimately very wearable.

For the most part, I’m a self taught bead work and polymer clay artist. I’ve been beading for over 40 years, and using polymer clay since the mid eighties. The formal art instruction I’ve received has been in fiber art and metal work. I started Liz Printz Jewelry in 1983. I’ve been teaching classes since 1990, in  bead work/ jewelry design/ polymer clay techniques at bead and craft stores, conferences, bead societies, guilds, MAFA, as well as Maryland public schools.

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