Kennedi Milan


Inspired by the environment around us…because life’s too short for bad jewelry. Beating metal into submission by what ever means possible.

So how did I get here?
A few years ago I began searching my soul for some of those important questions in life…you know: why are we here?, what is our purpose in life?, where do my true talents in life lie?, etc. Around May 2004 I came to believe that my calling may be in jewelry design and fabrication.  From that point on, I began reading books and taking classes to learn all that I could about the craft. Currently, Kennedi Milan Studios offers silver & gold metalwork. The Studio had their first sale on July 4, 2004 and has expanded to retail stores and two galleries in the Southern Maryland area. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Psychology from Purdue University. With her loving (and very patient) husband I joined the Southern Maryland community on December 25, 1995. I have worked as a technical writer, an instructional designer, and currently – a webmistress. I enjoy reading books, watching films, and playing with her two dogs and three! cats in my spare time.

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