Ann Crain


Born on the Eastern Shore of Va and raised in the small fishing village of Wachapreague, VA, Ann always had a love for art. Not until the late 1990’s was she able to release the passion within.

“Each piece of my work is of an emotional passion”. “I’m always interested in capturing the unexpected.”

Ann mingles jovial hues and tones with a diverse array of brushstrokes across the canvases in her representation of the world around her. Saturated with creativity and radiating with emotion, these works initiate a dialogue with the viewer on a transcendental level of perception. Comprehending the power of the imagination, Ann’s works propel the viewer into existential states of imagination and reflection.

“I hope to convey a happiness, a mood, a peacefulness.”

She has been painting since the first class she took at age 10. “It’s something I always wanted to do.” She dabbled in artwork, but never was able to pursue it full time. After moving to Maryland’s Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in 1995, she was able to seriously start pursuing her dream in creating her art.

Ann continually refine’s her creative senses by merging color, line, figure and often integrates special materials to generate powerful artistic statements. With no distinct subject matter or destination, the intrinsic meanings of the images have the ability to alter and adapt to the unique psyche of the viewer; thus creating a very personal and intimate liaison.

Ann has studied under several well-known abstract artists in the Washington, DC and California’s Central Coast area. Her art is featured in private collections thoughout the world, in such countries as France, Italy, South Africa, Turkey, and throughout the United Kingdom, in addition to the United States.

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