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Welcome to North End Gallery of Leonardtown, Maryland.


The June show at North End Gallery features long-time member artists Mickey Kunkle, Ann Crain and Diana Manchak, “the MAD trio,” bringing together artistic skills and creativity for their group show themed “Imagine.
Mickey Kunkle, a long time jewelry artist who now works primarily in polymer clay, with beads, some metal and sometimes other unusual materials, offered the following comments. “Most ideas are the distillation of everyday imagery I experience. Additionally, pictures of things I have seen or set aside add to the mix for future inspiration or to germinate ideas. There is so much to draw from everywhere you look. Just seeing odd shapes of clouds can spark a new idea or add a new twist to something I have previously made. I am pretty open to images that spontaneously wiggle their way inside the minds’ eye and combine with the infinite possibilities of working with polymer clay. The material when soft and pliable lends itself to play and developing different ideas.” Color and texture both are key components in combining shapes and completing her work.
Ann Crain, abstract/ mixed media painter and jewelry artist is also a long time gallery member. Her inspirations spring primarily from nature, especially the Chesapeake Eastern Shore, but also from her sensitivity with the subjects or imagery she incorporates in her work.  Images, words and emotions combine to express a certain mood, subtle and introspective or bold and vibrant in her work. Her art flows in different directions from piece to piece depending on the direction the moment and mood takes.  The viewer can relate to her work in their own way as its expressive quality allows for personal interpretations. In her own studio or when out with fellow artists, she is always willing to explore unknown directions and boundaries in trying something new and gaining further insight into creating more expressive works.
Diana Manchak, Ceramic Artist working primarily with stoneware clays, draws inspiration from her surroundings and beyond.  She is influenced by many cultures through travel, historical interest and plain curiosity. Images and ideas more often than not, result in further research prompted by curiosity and a need to understand an item within the usual context of our world. Then, playfully, the item or image may be re-imagined to add an extra dimension to an otherwise “ordinary” piece. Diana uses a variety of techniques to create unique works that engage and combine delightful images with humor.  Her natural affinity for color, texture and form is evident in her work that may also be very sculptural in nature.  She may also use complex combinations of glazes and texture to add visual interest to many otherwise “plain” functional work. She likes to explore small or odd details to incorporate within her more complex pieces of artwork. She has a keen eye for combining imagery, color, texture and often has a clever twist to create many one a kind pieces of work.
Postcard Front flat 6x4 CMYK 70pc



North End Gallery is now in it’s Winter Gallery Hours. Starting on January 1, North End Gallery will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The North End Gallery is located at 41652 Fenwick Street, Leonardtown. The gallery is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from noon to 4 p.m. on Sundays. For additional information, call the North End Gallery at (301) 475-3130 or visit the website at