Welcome to North End Gallery of Leonardtown, Maryland.

FEATURED EXHIBIT – October 2017 – Food & Farms: New Paintings by Christina Allen

Christina says:
“We have a small not-certified organic farm in St. Mary’s County where we raise much of our yearly food.  A friend once told me, “Christina, it’s not ALL about food.”  But I thought about it and think she is wrong.  It IS all about food.  You are either eating, or at the other end of the food chain in this world.  And we work so that we may eat, and eat well.  Food also is centered around friends and family and rituals.  But how many other people know where their food comes from?  Did they know the chicken on their plate?  Do they know the farm and the farmer where their vegetables come from?  Did they know the person who worked to grow and harvest their dinner?


People are eager to know more about their food supply. We are on the Southern MD Trails and get lots of farm visitors every year.   I have had to cut off visitors a few months ago because I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The community seems genuinely shocked the I (the super healthy one!!) would get cancer.  My super-healthy mother died of cancer 5 years ago.  And my biological father died of cancer just a few months ago.  So, I inherited some defective genetics.  Or, it could have something to do with the Superfund site from a company that contaminated the drinking groundwater, just two miles from my childhood home, in Groveland, MA.  Who can know?  Clean water and food matter.  It makes me care even more how we treat the soil and this land we only borrow for a while, before we pass it on.  I have no illusions that I won’t die of something.  But the quality of one’s life while we are here matters.  I’m doing great.  (The doctors are thrilled with my strength.)  I expect 100% recovery from my cancer.  I’m the lucky one here.


So, the healthy food and commitment to a healthy lifestyle are not for naught.  I have no regrets.  Our farm has served us well.  I like to think it made the difference from me dying from this disease, or having the strength to weather the treatments and to get to live to an old age… with a lovely quality of life throughout.


Come share a couple of years of new paintings inspired by food and farms.  They, food and farms, are my life’s works.  Do you dream recipes too?”


Food at the reception will be from local Sassafras Organic Farm, and our own Allen’s Heirloom Homestead.  Catering provided by Quality Street Kitchen, Leonardtown.  Special Food and Farm TED talk by Christine Bergmark at the North End Gallery, Oct. 20th, free, but reservations required.
Please join us for the Opening Reception October 6, 2017 from 5:00-8:00 PM during the Leonardtown First Friday celebration.



October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Leonardtown is going all out to support the cause!


This is a fun way the St. Mary’s Arts Council uses art to bring awareness and raise money for Breast Cancer Screening, Early Detection, and Cancer Support Programs at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital.


The decorated bras will be on display in the small park to the left of Fuzzy Farmers in Downtown Leonardtown on First Friday, October 6th from 5-8 pm. Each bra will be accompanied by a pink donation bucket where people can “vote” with their cash or check donations for their favorite bra(s). The donations will be given to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital to assist with providing screenings, early detection, support services and related benefits for our community. The artist of the bra with the most “votes” (aka donations) at the end of the evening will win a gift card to a local restaurant.